kids book

Zippy zebra zoo

Zippy zebra zoo

Never gets the flu

He chomps all day

And likes to play

Zippy zebra zoo


Zippy zebra zoo

Stripes stuck like glue

They won’t come off

“Hey! That’s enough”

Zippy zebra zoo


Zippy zebra zoo

He likes cuddles too

Snuggle right up

Show him some love

Zippy zebra zoo


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erotic · happy · Life · love

I like to play

Your in trouble

In my bubble

Gonna make you suffer

Take your supper

Gonna make you pay

While you lay

In front of me

Waiting to be

Pleasured so

You cannot go

Take it slow

Enjoy the show

Come on scream

Come on lean

I take you away

I like to play


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Phil lister 08/10/17