kids book

Zippy zebra zoo

Zippy zebra zoo

Never gets the flu

He chomps all day

And likes to play

Zippy zebra zoo


Zippy zebra zoo

Stripes stuck like glue

They won’t come off

“Hey! That’s enough”

Zippy zebra zoo


Zippy zebra zoo

He likes cuddles too

Snuggle right up

Show him some love

Zippy zebra zoo


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depression · Life · love

The perfect photo

We can take a photo of this moment

The one second everything is perfect

Forget all our past forever devouring

The snide comments, poisoning cloud

Mist soaking us through, transpiration so

Weather for today may be overcast

But the filter can always be changed

Cracks to be hidden or smoothed over

Smile like you have never smiled before

Sell it to them, your soul to leave

Your only wish, the perfect photo

To be believed


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depression · love


My baby

Why my baby?

What did he ever do?

He’s so small

He couldn’t hurt

He couldn’t fight

He couldn’t kill


He looked up at me

Arms begging to be cradled

Eyes willing for love


happy · Life · love

I’m addicted to you


I’m addicted to you

Like you are a drug

To me you are everything

To me you are my love

I self emplode when you’re not around

I cannot live without your sound

It’s not important what we do

When together, when I’m with you

You make me sane

Your aura of calm

Soothes my eratic

Cocoon embalmed

Your voice so soft

Invade my ears

Give me my drug

Turn me to tears

Your arms surround me

Hold me near

A touch so loving

I forget all my fears


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Phil lister 25/05/18