Ella's first day at school

Ella’s first day at school (New Book)

As Ella woke up

In her lovely bedroom

She sat herself up

And felt the gloom

She was sad this day

The first day at school

Worrying to herself

“What should I do ?”

She dressed herself

In her favourite dress

She combed her hair

From its blonde mess

Down the stairs for breakfast

With mum and dad

Yawning loud

And feeling sad

“What’s wrong Ella?”

“Why are you sad?”

Looking concerned

Spoke softly her dad

“I don’t want to go”

“It scares me so much”

“I won’t know anyone”

“I’m so fed up”

“Ella my sweet”

“You’ll be ok”

“I’ll come with you”

“At the start of your day”

In the car

Driving along

Mum changes the radio

To Ella’s favourite song

Singing together

At the top of their lungs

Making it better

Having such fun

Arriving at class

The very first time

Seeing the teacher

As the bell starts to chime

“What’s your name?”

“Its Ella miss”

She looked at her mum

And gave her a kiss

She held her hand

Still a little scared

Not letting go

Still so aware

She looked around the class

Seeing everyone play

It seemed quite cool

What would she do today?

“It’s ok mum”

“I’ll be ok”

“I love you so much”

“Have a great day”


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New work


Nervous, heart pumping

Appointment soon

Thoughts colliding

Impending doom


In the car

Radio loud

Having doubts

Wondering how


Receptionist scolding

Wrong room

Sorry miss

Face of doom


Hour waiting

To see the doc

Scrolling videos

On tiktok


Finally the moment

Take a breath

Approach the room

What will be next?


A new start

Hello all, how are you all doing?

Today is an interesting day. I have been woken up by our new kitten at 5 am for the third morning in a row. It is Monday. First day in my current job with a promotion. I am waiting to see what it entails and how the other members of staff will be with me.

I am now 38. Still English, living in france for 11 years. I am in my new job of 7 months as an outsider with experience and I am sure that the announcement today will put a few noses out of joint!

Has anybody else been in this position? I am however very eager to make the change and see what it brings. It feels so good after putting my career on pause for 11 years for the kids to learn a new language to do the accounts in another language and to learn a completely new position and to finally be noticed.

Wish me luck

1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

My boss I hate you

Boss, we’ve all got one

Many of us are under the thumb

Let’s start with all the different types

Thoughtful, kind and sometimes nice

Controlling, demanding, asking a lot

Stressful, arrogant, losing the plot

It’s us doing the hours, working all day

While you’re chilling out, getting your pay

What do you actually do? I’ve not had my break!

Sitting there you, chilled, you great big mistake!

Look at all the work I have done for you

Thanks guy, I’ll pass it for mine, that’s true

There is one thing that I’d like to say to you….

You’re an arsehole, I quit, FUCK YOU