New work


Nervous, heart pumping

Appointment soon

Thoughts colliding

Impending doom


In the car

Radio loud

Having doubts

Wondering how


Receptionist scolding

Wrong room

Sorry miss

Face of doom


Hour waiting

To see the doc

Scrolling videos

On tiktok


Finally the moment

Take a breath

Approach the room

What will be next?

2 thoughts on “Rendez-vous

  1. I really like this poem, Phil. It also reminds me of going to the doctor for an appointment. I loved the verse that says, “Receptionist scolding, Wrong room, Sorry miss, Face of doom.” Over here, some people refer to receptionists as dragons (very unkind, of course, and not usually true). As it happens, the receptionists at my doctor’s surgery are very friendly and extremely helpful. My doctor is very understanding and lovely, too.

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