1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Goodbye my father

Goodbye my father

I got a call, I remember, I thought it was a stroke

I left that day, to the hospital, my heart broke

I arrived there to see you there lying still

I hoped it untrue, it was my only will

Then I was there, at your side hoping you might wake

“Oh god, wake up, please, for goodness sake”

Suddenly you sat up and you looked to me

“Who are you?” that feeling still sickens me

Then you laid back down, back into a sleep

We were shocked, we started to weep

Time passed by, agonizingly slow

Just waiting, waiting for time to go

I knew, what was coming, to me it was clear

Your heart, your soul, about to disappear

The final moments came, you left us for good

My father, I love you and I always would.


Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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Beep beep

Beep beep

Where am I?

Is this hell?

Beep beep

What is this?

This shell?

Beep beep

What’s going on?

Why can’t I speak?

Beep beep

Let me out of here

Why am I so weak?

Beep beep

Why can I hear voices?

But I can’t open my eyes?

Beep beep

Why am I trapped here?

Why do I hear goodbye?

Beep beep

I can hear crying

Faintly, as if in space

Beep beep

What is this torture?

What is this place?

Beep beep

Why can I not hear them?

Where did they go?


New work


Nervous, heart pumping

Appointment soon

Thoughts colliding

Impending doom


In the car

Radio loud

Having doubts

Wondering how


Receptionist scolding

Wrong room

Sorry miss

Face of doom


Hour waiting

To see the doc

Scrolling videos

On tiktok


Finally the moment

Take a breath

Approach the room

What will be next?

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It started with a cough

He started his day

As he always would

He laced his shoes

And ran through the woods

He listened to music

And felt the breeze

Passing through

The towering trees

On returning home

He panted much

He couldn’t understand

Why it hurt so much?

He thought nothing of it

And shrugged it off

He ran a bath

And washed the sweat off

Kissing his wife

Then his two kids

Not to wake them

God forbid

Ready for work

He got in the car

He coughed hard

And saw stars

He arrived at work

Feeling weird

Dazed and tired

He started to fear

He collapsed on the floor

The others came

Call an ambulance

He is in pain

The ambulance arrived

In their gear

Spaceman suits

Ordering people clear

Took away

Everybody out

Cordoned off

People shout

To the hospital

This poor guy

Can hardly breathe

He can only lie

Put in a bed

Examined, scared

No one close

To love or care

Feeling weak

He can hardly move

Crying now

What can he do?

Put on oxygen

Case getting worse

Family told

They have been cursed

He slips away

To a final sleep

Forgetting family

As they weep

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Cousin Peter – hospital

I finally spoke with a friendly voice

That knows my cousin well

Turns out he was in hospital

Before the covid spell

But this voice doesn’t know

Anymore than me

And I’m going to have to dig

If I want to be freed

Burdened by the unknown

Only holding on to hope

Time is my only option

Call it an escape rope

My next steps that I’ll make

May provide something

And stop adding to this book

Because I’m really missing him

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