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Sure I won’t be missed

I hate money

It’s control over us

Can’t get enough of it

It causes such a fuss


Everything depends on it

Can’t get away

Always need more of it

At the end of every day


Debt comes to bite your ass

And it rips you a new hole

It tosses the windows out

Until the vacuum takes hold


There are always others

That are much worse off than me

But my biggest stress of all

It has its way with me


So much worry

So much stress

Sometimes wondering

What is this test


Cars always breaking down

Kids to pay for

Working for your job

Feeling like a whore


Now we have to live to work

To pay all the fucking bills

Eating all my insides out

Like a poisonous swill


What is next to save myself

To get away from this

Put a bullet through my skull

Sure I won’t be missed

4 thoughts on “Sure I won’t be missed

  1. I understand what you’re saying about the control money has over us. You’re right, especially now that fuel, gas, electricity and the cost of food have all increased so much, and yet there’s no more money coming in. Everyone is currently totally focused on how they’re going to manage (me included). Thanks very much, British government!! P.S. You would be missed – by me anyway – I’ve only just met you on WP and am enjoying your writing. Take care.

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    1. Thanks, I must confess out of all the things that can trigger my depression, money and debt is my biggest trigger. Of knowing how is was ages 18 to 27 when I had so much debt, to finally at 39 going back in the red again knowing that there is no support, no safety cushion and there is a family to pay for it is scary shit. Well for me anyway.. I am happy not to be in England at the moment, from what I have seen I am happy in France, not much better off though. I’m in a reasonable position, soooooo many people worse off than me. Take care too, thanks for being there, it’s good to want to write again.

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