A new start

Hello all, how are you all doing?

Today is an interesting day. I have been woken up by our new kitten at 5 am for the third morning in a row. It is Monday. First day in my current job with a promotion. I am waiting to see what it entails and how the other members of staff will be with me.

I am now 38. Still English, living in france for 11 years. I am in my new job of 7 months as an outsider with experience and I am sure that the announcement today will put a few noses out of joint!

Has anybody else been in this position? I am however very eager to make the change and see what it brings. It feels so good after putting my career on pause for 11 years for the kids to learn a new language to do the accounts in another language and to learn a completely new position and to finally be noticed.

Wish me luck

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I will not submit. Never!

I never thought that I would leave

I have always been confortable

The greater unknown never appealed

I preferred not to know

Not to venture

To search for a new life

To raise a child

Not knowing the language

Fear never really imposed

Until the final moment

As if a knife to my throat

With failure marked on the blade

Ready to pierce my skin

At any moment

With the burning fires behind my back

That would melt my skin

If I ever looked back

I would walk blindly

Into the unknown

Fear i would brush aside

I will not be burned

As I would not look back

I may bleed

As I lose my way

But I will not submit


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