Rhyme with me

Got in from a rough day at work after no sleep. Tired and grumpy!

Anyone want to rhyme with me?

Rhyme in comments please, will reply to all, you start lovely people.

13 thoughts on “Rhyme with me

    1. Oh good, I hoped you would reply when I saw the like, thank you.
      My sanity is lost with my head
      Impossible to think, I’d like my bed
      My fellow poets keep me sane
      From blowing my head off from this pain!

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      1. Lol, I love this, I was so tired earlier I almost cried when she was having a go at me for my decision making and being disorganized, I’m helping out at her restaurant while gf on maternity leave, can’t stand her though.
        That bloody bitch
        The witch which
        Screams at me
        And won’t leave me be

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