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Job Interview


It could all change

Life could become

Ever so strange


Can’t sleep

Can’t eat

What’s it doing to me?

I’m so stressed out

Is it to be?


That stress before

The work I put in

All that paperwork

Just to put in the bin




Do everything I can

Tell myself stay calm

Stick to the plan


It’s just a job

I know 

It doesn’t change things

That uncertainty before

All the stress it brings


I won’t tell anyone

Not even my mum

Hearing no

Never been fun


Self confidence gone

Success ratio down

All these rejects

Make me frown


Approach it calm

All you can do

Take a deep breath

Have faith in you


Do I deserve this?

Is it finally a yes

Am I gonna get it?

After this

I’m gonna be a mess


Fate is gonna come knocking

One day

You will see

When you hear that yes

Your gonna be happy


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Phil lister 08/01/18


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