A new start

Hello all, how are you all doing?

Today is an interesting day. I have been woken up by our new kitten at 5 am for the third morning in a row. It is Monday. First day in my current job with a promotion. I am waiting to see what it entails and how the other members of staff will be with me.

I am now 38. Still English, living in france for 11 years. I am in my new job of 7 months as an outsider with experience and I am sure that the announcement today will put a few noses out of joint!

Has anybody else been in this position? I am however very eager to make the change and see what it brings. It feels so good after putting my career on pause for 11 years for the kids to learn a new language to do the accounts in another language and to learn a completely new position and to finally be noticed.

Wish me luck

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Job Interview


It could all change

Life could become

Ever so strange


Can’t sleep

Can’t eat

What’s it doing to me?

I’m so stressed out

Is it to be?


That stress before

The work I put in

All that paperwork

Just to put in the bin




Do everything I can

Tell myself stay calm

Stick to the plan


It’s just a job

I know 

It doesn’t change things

That uncertainty before

All the stress it brings


I won’t tell anyone

Not even my mum

Hearing no

Never been fun


Self confidence gone

Success ratio down

All these rejects

Make me frown


Approach it calm

All you can do

Take a deep breath

Have faith in you


Do I deserve this?

Is it finally a yes

Am I gonna get it?

After this

I’m gonna be a mess


Fate is gonna come knocking

One day

You will see

When you hear that yes

Your gonna be happy


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Phil lister 08/01/18

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Job rejection


Your not good enough, there is always better

Speak two languages, qualified, whatever

Mouth off at them, why am I not in ?

There’s lots of good applicants within

Three months of applying, three months of this

Rejection constant, the agencies are taking the piss

I won’t be beat, even though it’s getting me down

Ok maybe for the moment it’s making me frown

Just wondering how long it’s gonna be

Applying for jobs to get one acception to be free!


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Phil lister 24/10/17

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Rejection will not beat me!

Apply apply apply

Feels like I’m gonna die

It’s get me so very down

Every time It makes me frown

It’s over fifty applies now

One interview, negative, how?

I’m an immigrant, discriminated

I feel worthless, emasculated

Stuck in the same job, 6 years

Hier archie bringing me to tears

I’m qualified in the uk

It’s worthless here, just ok

Every email, NO, even one letter too

It all bemused me, rejection spews!

I just need one, I tell myself

I’ll even work for less, don’t care for wealth

I want my weekends, that’s all I need

Because my job refuses it, I have to pleed

They won’t give it to me, they do as they please

They want me to suffer, even if I have to bleed

I’ll do what ever I can, what ever it takes

To look after my family what ever my fate


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Phil lister 10/10/17

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You can do it!

I am looking, what am I looking for

Something to change, not like before

I am fed up with the norm, the status quo

This purgatory, I’m going to and fro

Nothing is ever new, it’s always the same

This job is getting to me, giving me pain

Late nights, no family life, doing in my brain

I’m so busy at work, too tired to complain

I’m trying so hard to attain something new

At the moment crappy sticks to me like glue

Rejections, no answers, days passing by

Times a wasting, it doesn’t help to cry

My girlfriend, my kids, I do this for you all

Luck has to visit me once, I refuse to fall

Say no all you want, I refuse to be beat

I’m a stubborn bastard, I don’t accept defeat

I will provide, I will always go all the way

It will change soon my life, it starts today

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Phil lister 25/09/17

Can you relate? Wanna chat?

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You can do it!

​I feel sick

It could all be different

It could all change 



I feel sick

Thinking about it, waiting

It could all change



This afternoon

All could change

For me to better my life


This afternoon

I hope I make you proud

By bettering my life


Be positive, be strong, 

Confident in your 



Be positive, be strong

You know your going to 



Come on, give it your all

This is what you’ve been waiting



Come on, give it your all

Turn that page, open that



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Phil lister 19/09/17

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My boss – I hate you!

Boss, we’ve all got one

Many of us are under the thumb

Let’s start with all the different types

Thoughtful, kind and sometimes nice

Controlling, demanding, asking a lot

Stressful, arrogant, losing the plot

It’s us doing the hours, working all day

While your chilling out, getting your pay

What do you actually do? I’ve not had my break!

Sitting there you, chilled, you great big mistake!

Look at all the work I have done for you

Thanks guy, I’ll pass it for mine, that’s true

There is one think that I’d like to say to you….

Your an arsehole, I quit, FUCK YOU!


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Phil lister 19/08/17

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