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My boss – I hate you!

Boss, we’ve all got one

Many of us are under the thumb

Let’s start with all the different types

Thoughtful, kind and sometimes nice

Controlling, demanding, asking a lot

Stressful, arrogant, losing the plot

It’s us doing the hours, working all day

While your chilling out, getting your pay

What do you actually do? I’ve not had my break!

Sitting there you, chilled, you great big mistake!

Look at all the work I have done for you

Thanks guy, I’ll pass it for mine, that’s true

There is one think that I’d like to say to you….

Your an arsehole, I quit, FUCK YOU!


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Phil lister 19/08/17

Picture – pixabay

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16 thoughts on “My boss – I hate you!

  1. Some people can’t handle the power! Check out my blog, all real-life “horrible boss” stories! Some are actually hilarious!

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