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You’ll always have the status quo

Why do we always have to change?

Are we so imperfect we can’t refrain?

Driving our partners wild with every breath

Knowing it grates them is half the test

Never to decide if we stay or leave

All the shitty baggage we have to upheave

To start once again from nothing at all

As if in a video game looking at four walls

Driving a car thinking about a way out

Never to do it, just to cry and shout

You’ll always be a coward not to leave or jump

Backing away from a fight you always were the chump

Don’t worry, you’ll always have the status quo

Until one day you grow the balls get up and go

depression · Life · love


I never thought it would be so hard

To let you go

Out of my life

Thoughts smeared my brain

As I tried to prepare

For the eruption of emotions


I knew there’d be repercussions

As I closed the door

You’d smash through it

Splintering my face

Begging my acceptance

Your claws pulling me down


Liberated from your grasp

Power ignites my soul

The first time I am in control

Of my future, my solace

My sanity is my own

Free from you, be gone!


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