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This new year

This new year we celebrate with cheer

Muffled by masks when drinking our beers

I wish you good health and hope you stay safe

We must have hope and a little faith

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We all need a little hope


We all need a little hope to get us through this day

For all that is going on throughout the world today

A little bit of positive to cherish and nourish our soul

Something to look upon, we need to have a goal

We can’t go on with this disease, fighting all the time

We can be strong together, we have to use our minds

For all the lies that they spew, all that comes out their mouths

Take it with a pinch of salt, they are only in power for now

For every day we wear a mask and feel like a horse

It may be annoying now but it is only a chore

Thank the heavens you’re not dead, it could be much worse

You could be up in heaven, looking down on earth


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It is coming you know for all of us

No one cares or gives a fuss

It’s just a cold a little bug

You’re invincible, dont give a fluff

People are dying all around the world

People are coughing, germs swirl

It started with one, one patient x

Where are we now? it’s complex

You may lose someone, someone you hold dear

Maybe that will make things a little more clear

Health workers are dying trying to save

Governments are struggling, just to stave

One thing we are asked by all of them

Stay indoors, be responsible my friend

Social distancing, one metre between us

Is it that difficult? really so rough?

This is just the start it’s going to be hard

Support the others, stay on the path

We will beat this, together as one

This is real, it is not just for fun


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