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A cold wet morning

Masked whispering

As I study the clouds

Rain tickles my face

As I take in the emotions

The bells begin to echo

And slowly they approach

Followed by loved ones

Emotions overpowering

Tears weeping

As brothers work together

Friends with reddened eyes

Children in silence

So brave, quietly crying

What must they be feeling?

So young to have lost

So unfair

So unjust

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Killed by a kamikaze

I didn’t see you coming

Waiting for me, pondering

I am just minding my own business

Before you meet me with your viciousness

I’m thinking of my partner, wife or child

Not knowing what will happen, all the while

Of what you have in store for me

Screams I hear, people flee

Crashing vehicle, carnage ensues

Killing machine, whomever you choose

And then the moment arrives

You are there with a knife

What are you going to do with that knife

Oh the pain I feel, oh my life

I fall to the floor, a crimson mess

Crying in pain, calling with distress

Blood filling my mouth, feeling weak

Crawling along the ground, cannot speak

My final moments, thinking of my life

Killed by a kamikaze, with a knife.


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Constanty I think of you

I just don’t know what to do

You were my soul, torn away

I cry and cry, here I lay.


Taken from me, in a flash

I beg for you, please come back

The empty space, next to me

Your fading smell, comforting.


Anger and pain ravishing

Could not even help, nothing

Holding you close, final breath

You couldn’t fight, nothing left.


I collapsed there, on the floor

Couldn’t do it anymore

It was just too much to bare

Never had I been so scared.


All would change forevermore

Never to be like before

A life to turn on its head

Stopping abrupt, cold like lead.


Final moments with them now

To say goodbye, question how

Say nothing, remember them

Think just how it was, back when.


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depression · Iambic Pentometer

Please help

I feel so empty, I cannot describe

It’s a mess, this thing that I call a life.

It’s eating away at me, black inside

Destroying me, controlling as I slide.

Down to the blackest depths, clouds all around

Impossible to see or make a sound.

Coughing out loud, I’ve suffered for so long

Crimson fills my hands, something must be wrong.

Pointless, destitute, feelings that one has

Exhaling smoke, cold reflecting on past.

Friends, what are they? Absent in time of need

Always there for a handout, with their greed.

Unneeded scum, better off that I’m dead

At least I have no shame, hanging my head.


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Phil lister 02/06/18

Life · news

Never mind


Never mind

It’s not that bad

No need to be sad

Be a little rad

Never mind

Life goes on

You could sing a song

Or just sing along

Never mind

No regrets

Place your bets

Don’t get wet

Never mind

It’s dark in there

You must beware

I hope you don’t scare

Never mind

You didn’t mean it

Not even a little bit

Just in the shit

Never mind

He’ll get up

With a bit of luck

Ok, maybe you’re fucked


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Phil lister 10/05/18

depression · happy · Life · love




Those that have left

Those that have gone



Time passed with

Gifts such as bliss



Stories repeated many times

In your head like a rhyme



Expressions on their face

Always had their place



Arguments and tears

Happiness and fears



Feeling safe in their arms

Away from any harm



The day that they left

Empty, bereft



That person

Never forget


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Phil lister 30/04/18

depression · family · Life · love

His name is Jared


I longed to have a child, I longed to be a mum

But according to the medical world it could not be done

Oh the grief I felt to need to mother a child

Adoption for my partner just turned out too wild

So I sat there in my gloom, feeling sorry for myself

My motherhood instincts destined for the shelf

Somehow fifteen years on the ultimate miracle befell me

I became pregnant, how on earth, I was happy as can be

It was a shock and I went through it all

Resentment kicked in and denial, awful

It took some time but I came to terms

It took me a month but I soon learned

I was so happy with my baby and our future dreams

But nothing would ever turn out as simple as it seemed

I went in to premature labour, my son was born

It was too early for him and my heart was torn

He was given to me, my angel, my boy on my chest

Thirty minutes he had to live, then he continued his rest

Skin to skin, his heartbeat with mine

His breathing, me wanting to slow down time

He died in my arms, in my fucking arms

I would of given my life for him not to of been harmed

I laid for hours watching him, screaming, crying, wailing

Why this way? Why? I was in shock, even shaking

I examined him, every inch of his perfect face

I could not look away, his mother’s sweet embrace

I fell in love, real love that day 

Love bloomed in my heart in every way


It is now 6 years on from the death of my son

I have learned so much and I refuse to run

It’s not like I could just walk away from my grief

Like trying to escape my arm, my leg or even my beliefs

I learned who my true friends really are

All their support, they were really my stars

And I sympathize with others now it wasn’t always the case

Because them empty friends were really a waste of space

And I know that I can’t control everything in life it’s not the way

I love you my son and I will always remember you on our day



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Phil lister 03/10/17

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Face of change


​Wake up, feel different, I feel sick

Run to bathroom, vomit every bit

Rise to the mirror, wash my face

What the hell, what’s this face!

My hair, my eyes I fall down

I get back up, what is this frown?

I’ve got muscles, je suis beau

I’m taller with a bronzed glow

My insecurities, my patheticness

They are gone, have I been blessed?

I run out the room onto the landing

My mum’s at the top of the stairs standing

” Mum mum look at me, look at my face”

She can’t hear me, what is this place?

I put my hand on her, turn around please

“turn up the heating darling, I felt a breeze”


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Phil lister 02/10/17

family · Life · love

Ask the question!


Did he dare ask the question one more time?

Assessing the mayhem, the mess, the grime

Did he call him to suffer his wrath

His axe wielded, his sadistic laugh

She comes down the stairs, “what’s going on?”

Go back to bed, I’ll be right along

She climbs back up the stairs humming away

Oblivious of what the madman has done this day

Suddenly, shattered glass, a lightning strike

Black cloak in front of him starting to fight

He falls to his feet like a heavy sack

The cloak prepares himself with his axe

The man raises his hand, pleads for his life

The girl is back there, scared on this night

Don’t hurt my girl, please leave her alone

As you wish, his axe, through flesh and through bone

The girl screamed, loud as she could

The cloak whispers to her “be quiet, be good”

He raises his axe one more time

She cowers beneath his line

She closes her eyes and waits for the blade

Did she die? Or did she evade?

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Phil lister 29/09/17

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