New work

Goodbye suckers

At least I’m at peace

More people came than I expected

Surprising really

I never thought about this day

To watch my children watch me

I hate to see them sad

I wonder what everyone is thinking?

Are they grieving?

Did they love me?

Are they happy?

Well there is no money

Only debt

Couldn’t even get that right

Worse than Brexit

Look at that shit it left behind

I wonder what they are going to eat?

What do you eat normally?

I would sell my soul for a fish and chips

Oh no, a nice chicken curry

Good and spicy

I wonder whether it’s still as spicy?

Goodbye suckers

I’m off to haunt my ex


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3 thoughts on “Goodbye suckers

      1. I’m glad you’re okay, Phil. It was a really clever take on the subject. I’m hopeless at writing anything with escapism or fantasy – I have a poor imagination. I’m pleased you’re enjoying it 😊.

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