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If you only had a day

If you only had a day

To live on this earth

I would cherish every moment

For all it is worth

24 hours

That’s all the time left

It’s counting down so fast

Ordered behest

I can’t waste a minute

What do you want to do?

I will do anything

My true love for you

Should we make love?

Hold each other tight?

Never let go?

Glued with all our might

Why should I have to let go?

My selfishness powers through

I can not give up

My love forever true

Now the tears are coming

A breathing waterfall

I cannot stop myself

Cannot stop at all

Why has it got to be like this?

I am so distraught

It could of been so different

If only you had fought

Don’t you love me?

How could you give up?

Is our love not good enough?

Was it just too much?

Now it eats your body

Nothing but a shell

Watching you in agony

Your pain cannot be quelled

I’m sorry that’s unfair

What have I become?

But when I will lose you

My life will come undone

Please don’t go

Beep… beep… beep………………

Goodbye my darling

You can go to sleep

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