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I’m not okay!

It’s hard

Not knowing why I feel this way

Confined for so long

Playing with my mental puppet strings

Pulling, yanking

Am I am just to dance?

A merry jive

To the music of the propaganda

The conspiracies

The lies of powerful people

That feel they do not have to abide

I remember the angst

The unruly mental thoughts

Skipping through my mind

As that rope slapped against my brain

Again and again and again and again

Should I even start on the job?

The thought of being a point to it all

No, a mindless trill

I am just expected to be good

And continue fucking on

Where is my value?

Am I just a tool in a workbench?

As I always will be

Until worn and I will be changed

Traded in for a younger model

At a discounted price

Now I know what to expect

It isn’t any easier

Nor shall it ever be

And before you ask


I’m not okay!

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