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Sex with a stranger

Out for the evening 19 years old

What story has the night to be told?

Into the club, a Smirnoff or two

On the dance floor and I see you

Your looking at me, really at me?

What is gonna happen? To be?

We dance together, grind to the beat

I can’t stop dancing, nor control my feet

You look in my eyes for a second or two

Then we kiss passionately, me and you

We cannot wait, we grab our coats

Catch a cab, this is not a joke

Back to mine, through the door

Knickers off, to the floor 

You rip my shirt, I rip yours off too

Wild animals in an explosive stew

On my old sofa bed, with broken springs

Dont care, making you scream

Alcohol great, it’s lasting long

Oh it’s great, nothing wrong

Then to the climax, at the same time

Oh it was great, hearing you whine

We finish, panting, laying there nude

Strangers, that had fun, being rude!


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Phil lister 28/09/17

Picture – pixabay

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Take me to ecstasy


Dont say a word, do what I say

Your my sexy girl, I wanna play

Stand in front of me and get undressed

Tease me baby, I want to see your chest

Hands running down from your neck to your breasts

Wanting to show me, you know what to do next

Unclip that bra, slowly drop it to the floor

Cover your nipples make me wanna see more

You turn around just in a little lace thong

Keep teasing me baby, make it long

Come back to me, slowly now

Sit on me baby, you know just how

I pull on your hair, your head tilts back

You moan in joy as you enjoy my attack

Hands across your mouth, go on bite me

Go on, harder now, it gives me such glee

Go on turn around, get on your knees

You know what to do, I want to be pleased

Look at me, don’t stop pleasing me

Oh god, oh baby, I’m in ecstasy


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Phil lister 15/09/17

Picture – pixabay

happy · Life · love

Lustful sin


Looking in your mirror thinking of him

Lusting to be touched in lustful sin

Imagining now that he is behind your neck

Wanting to feel his lips, just a little peck

Close your eyes and slip into bliss

Head leant back wanting an erotic kiss

Slowly just lips, then intertwining tongues

Oh how you feel with your forbidden fun

Pleading to be touched, a very first time

Wanting this ecstasy to make you whine

You take off your dress, let it fall on the floor

Just in your undies wanting to be explored

He is back behind you, your invisible man

He is watching you now, what’s his plan

You look in the mirror into his eyes

He is talking to you, with no surprise

In the mirror his eyes fixed on you

Your body, your soul in full view

Breath on your neck, he is so close to you

Trembling, wanting what you never knew

His hand on your neck, pulls you close

Time stands almost still, lost as it slows

His hands trace your bra, your feeling weak

You feel it coming, your at your peak

You take off your panties and wait for him

Your ghost, your stranger, your lustful sin


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Phil lister 14/09/17

Picture – pixabay