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Sex with a stranger

Out for the evening 19 years old

What story has the night to be told?

Into the club, a Smirnoff or two

On the dance floor and I see you

Your looking at me, really at me?

What is gonna happen? To be?

We dance together, grind to the beat

I can’t stop dancing, nor control my feet

You look in my eyes for a second or two

Then we kiss passionately, me and you

We cannot wait, we grab our coats

Catch a cab, this is not a joke

Back to mine, through the door

Knickers off, to the floor 

You rip my shirt, I rip yours off too

Wild animals in an explosive stew

On my old sofa bed, with broken springs

Dont care, making you scream

Alcohol great, it’s lasting long

Oh it’s great, nothing wrong

Then to the climax, at the same time

Oh it was great, hearing you whine

We finish, panting, laying there nude

Strangers, that had fun, being rude!


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Phil lister 28/09/17

Picture – pixabay

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