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Donald trump I don’t like you!

See this poem read on YouTube, this was written  before the election

I decided to write this as it doesn’t seem to matter what he does he is still seen as a potential leader. Well here it goes, a poem on Mr Trump.


Mr Trump look at you with that strange set of hair sitting on top of you.

You abuse and insult others that do not agree with you

What gives you the right, you have none at all!


You call women names and disgusting animals

My god Mr Trump you have got some balls


Public speaking, wow you excel, tweeting your messages giving em all hell

Always trying to make a headline, trying to steal the show. Let’s watch Mr Trump, look at him go!


You can be sexist and see blood coming out of wherever?

Do you ever listen to yourself? I imagine never!


Or you just choose to be heard and not to listen to yourself

That would be crazy i guess. Deafened by your wealth!


Why are you so rich, why do you merit that

You won’t even release your tax returns and that is a fact!


You campaign for America, “Make America Great Again”

You want to build a Mexican wall, are you insane?


And really, a ban on Muslims, do you hear yourself?

“The constitutions first amendment”, No, read it yourself!


How can you be the front runner, how can it be real

The Republicans continue to support you, crazy i feel


You tell it as it is, is that true

Take a look at yourself Mr Trump, really, at you!


Phil Lister 30/04/2016

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