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This clouded feeling

I can’t put my finger on it

Why I feel so down

This clouded feeling

That’s hanging around

I feel almost sick

But I don’t know why

I haven’t even got

Any appetite

I can’t control my emotions

So angry in my heart

Can’t pull it from me

I don’t know which path

How can I escape

From this torturous hell?

Is there an escape?

Is it a closed shell?

Its vice like grip

Constantly on me

Oh how I wish

I could be free

To breathe deeply

Clean virgin air

To stop suffocating

To fight the despair

Does happiness exist?

Will I feel it one day?

Or am I in hell hotel

Destined to stay?


My first poetry available for purchase.

fantasy · Life

To be a cloud

I looked at the clouds

I wanted to be away

Not just a day dream

Not just this day


Oh how the beauty

Made me weep

Every soft caress

Every nook and creek


I just want to be there

No more problems, never again

Life devouring itself

Solitude my friend


Take me away

Make me disappear

To be a cloud

It’s lovely I hear


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