depression · Life · New work

They’ve had it

They’ve had it

Them there

Stop looking

Don’t stare

Don’t touch

Not them

Look at them

No friends

All alone

Looking ill

Coughing now

Needs some pills

Walk on by

Turn blind eye

There they lie

They just died………

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depression · Life



This headache is killing me

It’s hurting to try to see

Suffering seems to be my game

As I cower at the table with pain

Throbbing hard like a drum

Hurting lots, not much fun

As I crawl off to go to bed

Try to escape from my head

Take my meds, little pills

Swig some water, little swill

Under the covers in the dark

Dog outside, hear him bark

I cover my head I want to die

Waiting for this headache to go by


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