New work

Dieting is tough

I used to be a skinny twig

I hated me so much

If you’d put two fingers on me

I’d fall with that touch


I always wanted muscles

To be attractive to girls

I even drank those protein shakes

Hoping my muscles would swell


I gave up trying

And eventually with time

The weight starting catching me

But I felt just fine


Blood tests taken for the doc

I wonder what I’ll see

Only bad thing really

My cholesterol high for me


The next time it was better

I was so proud of me

Under control I thought

I felt almost happy


But each year at the docs

Another kilo would add

Too much butter and beer

Was making me get fat


Until the comments about my weight

Started getting to me

It’s easy how it sinks in

How ever meant to be perceived


I stopped eating mornings

Going through to lunch

Not even a snack for me

A little sugar crunch


It’s been a month now

My trousers keep falling

I hope it’s really true

I haven’t started stalling


It’s funny how a little word

Can get to you so much

Disorder can install itself

Dieting is rough


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One thought on “Dieting is tough

  1. Yeah. Intermittent fasting helped me a lot. With keto. ❤️🌻 The best thing I did was heal my trauma. It was messy, but so worth it.

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