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Save your tears for someone who cares

Save your tears for someone who cares

This life we live, the wounds it bares

It slices our flesh to the state of no repair

Our social capacity as people stare

We are but an exhibit for others to watch

As they judge and point and laugh a lot

We are not what we should be in their eyes

Was it really such a surprise?

As we hurt ourselves, our heart and soul

Just fitting in, paying with our souls

Breathing the gasses of poisonous lies

From politicians with money in their eyes

They feed the rich and fuck the poor

Then hold their hands out and ask for more

And what do you get from all of this ?

Can’t even afford heating, something’s amiss

We work to live and to pay our debts

Until we’re old, finished and inept

To pay for our lives to make the world go round

Sorry, are you talking, I didn’t hear a sound

Current affairs · Life

They lie!

They lie to us

To our face

We listen

We give them space


They control us

Tell us everything 

We want 



We follow

Like sheep

Ready for slaughter

Without even a peep


Didn’t mother say

Never trust a stranger and

Callous lies lead to

Sinking in quick sand


Do we trust them?

Do we follow them?

Have we got a choice?

Does it ever end?


You tell me?


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Phil lister 20/12/17