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They lie!

They lie to us

To our face

We listen

We give them space


They control us

Tell us everything 

We want 



We follow

Like sheep

Ready for slaughter

Without even a peep


Didn’t mother say

Never trust a stranger and

Callous lies lead to

Sinking in quick sand


Do we trust them?

Do we follow them?

Have we got a choice?

Does it ever end?


You tell me?


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Phil lister 20/12/17

3 thoughts on “They lie!

    1. Talking politics when people make decisions for you , I agree we can make choices but politicians make decisions for us. When brexiteers said that the nhs would get 300odd million help, people believed it. Propaganda and a lot of gullible people. I made my vote and so did millions of others. Now politicians interpret our vote and bargain for the UK s future, we have no say now. Vote cast. X on the line. 😵


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