The golden poems

Hello all, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am dedicating this space to my favourite poems written. My golden poems. The ones that really touched me and I had difficulty writing.

I will try and put a little commentary with each one as to my thoughts on it. I would love to hear your thoughts and know if you related to it.

Let’s begin…..

I could not start this page without the poems that have really come from my heart. Every heart wrenching word with tears cried as I wrote. The one person I always hoped to be proud of me even though I made nothing but mistakes for my entire youth. Even now I wish only to know that he would of been proud of me.

If you are looking for an emotional tear jerking journey read the next few poems.

Goodbye my father

Never got to say goodbye

My hero

One of my very first haikus, thinking just about a homeless person. We cross in the streets everyday but do we ever stop to think about them. How do they cope in the cold, how do they sleep at night. Do they have family? Are they lost? Have you ever spoke to a homeless person. Given them money, food a coffee or even just a hello?

Homelessness haiku

Sometimes we like to be alone. As an introvert I am someone that likes to occasionally be by myself. I appreciate peace and my time for me. In some occasions it may even seem selfish. But why should we not do what we want occasionally in life?

Solitary confinement