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A kind girl

My girlfriend is the most generous person I know
She’d give away her arms if she didn’t need them

In a way I look up to her for how she is with others

And even sometimes it’s crazy how she drives me round the bend


A women in the street

Sat there, bashed her knee

She checks how she is

And gives directions for the pharmacy


A homeless man in London

December was very cold

She gives him a voucher for a hot drink

He was not very old.


A guy in the street, dog and cardboard

Asking for a nice smile or a fag

She talked to him, her kindness true

Gave him a ciggie that he could take a drag


She is often selfless

Gives all she can

My thoughtful girlfriend

Never goes with the plan


A new day to do a good deed

I would never change her

Not for the world

Cause she’s the best, a little pearl



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Phil lister 23/11/17


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