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Pet hates


Hello to you all
All my friends

I’m going to talk about something
That drives me round the friggin bend

Ha he ha, what will I make you do?
You don’t know yet, haven’t a clue!

I want to talk about, well, our pet hates
What bothers you? What really grates?

You gotta have some good ideas, I trust in you
Tell me what gets your goat, what bothers you

For me it’s people eating, making noise
Ahhhhhhhhhh stop it, your mouth isn’t a toy

Manners cost nothing, they’re god damn free
So please and thank you is a have to be!

Driving up my backside, well that doesn’t pass
I’ll get out my car and kick your bloody ass

Well that’s a few of my pet hates, now over to you
Come on you psycho, what bothers you?


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Phil lister 22/04/18

15 thoughts on “Pet hates

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way about Phil. We’ve been friends for a while and he’s actually very nice and kind. He writes all sorts of poetry (and stories) and he is real and raw. Sometimes he writes about love, sometimes depression or frustrations, sometimes real life events like work or people he has crossed paths with. Sometimes we need to express ourselves and get it out. It’s our art. Some people write journals, some science articles, some made up stories, some for art and some as therapy. That’s the wonderful thing about the art of writing. We’re all different. Maybe his style isn’t for you, but I say give him another chance. He’s one of my favorite people on this planet.

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      1. I think she likes me, she has commented on several posts already, I do not judge, people have their opinions and they are welcome to have them. I am a normal person with a normal life, I have morals, values and principles. Call it escapism, I can be rude, nasty and vulgar in my poems if I wish to be. But in the real life I will always say please and thank you. I do not judge 😋

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      1. Well you know how I must feel then 🙂 btw… I just bought a kindle copy of your new book… can’t wait to get into it 🙂 though I will eventually order a paperback.. love the feel of an actual book 🙂

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