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Happy birthday mate


To my friend alan in hospital on his birthday.

It’s 3 am

My birthday

In a hospital bed.

This is where I have resided

For 2 weeks

Lie my head


It’s depressing

Just watching the days

Go by


The people are nice

Not many British though

Doesn’t worry me

As I’m moved to and fro


Inspected, prodded

Like a guinea pig

I just want to recover

I’m sick of being sick


I love when people visit

Just to say hello

I can talk for England

Or so the rumors go


My friend Phil

All the way in France

I can’t wait to see him

Just another glance


I must stay positive

I am a fighter true

It’s my bloody birthday

I know what I got to do


These people all care about me

Care how I feel

I need to get better

That is my will


I hope you get better mate, always thinking about you

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Phil lister 24/04/18

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