Childhood · happy

My lost doggie


Oh where oh where

Could my little dog be?

Oh where could you be?


He’s little and white

And very light

Oh where oh where is he?


I’ve looked for miles

For whiles and whiles

He is nowhere to be found


He’s got a little bow

That sways to and fro

Oh where oh where could you be?


Into the park

And I hear a dog bark

Oh is it? Could it be?


I look all around

My dog I have found

With a branch under a tree.


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Phil lister 29/04/18

3 thoughts on “My lost doggie

  1. What a gorgeous dog … and oh, the heart-stopping moment when you realises they’ve disappeared. Happened to me a few years ago with a much loved Springer Spaniel … and oh, the relief when you find them. πŸ™‚

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