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I am a dunce

If you want to call it that

I cannot read or write

Why I have the dunce’s hat


I’m different, maybe

If you like

I’ll have to get through it

I’ll have to fight


Exams, well I failed

Highest I got was a C

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough

No qualifications for me


The day my son noticed

Mum read better than me

The day I revealed

This flaw I had in me


You see, I was not stupid, nor lazy

No, it wasn’t the case

But the kids would laugh

It was out of place


Dyslexia, disabilities,

Names that we hear

Spelling, grammar, hell

These are words that I fear


I may be different

It doesn’t mean I cannot succeed

I am proud to be me

Mark my words, take heed


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Phil lister 29/04/18

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