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My mask

After a hard day, fed up with the world

All them haters, head chiming like a bell

Just want to get them back, suffer like me

Haunt the taunters, that would make me happy

Upon a mask I stumbled, plain and dull

With this little baby I’m sure to lol

I get to painting, let’s make it a beast

Scary as hell, need that at least

Now to the smile, frieky as can be

That’s a little psycho, just like me

Upon my tired face I wore the mask

Only for myself to once again laugh

Uncontrollably so, the mask took hold

I was to be bad, destiny foretold

What I felt inside me, fear guilt and sin

Upon my cursed face, sadness in a grin

Reflection so deep, my regrets in life

Never had I posed the question, but why

And now my passion for life diluted

Wearing a mask just convuluted

I feel empty, grating feeling inside

My life had been based on so many lies

Cannot continue with the truth, this pain

I took off my mask, please, never again


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