1. Rhyming poetry to change your day

Goodbye my father

Goodbye my father

I got a call, I remember, I thought it was a stroke

I left that day, to the hospital, my heart broke

I arrived there to see you there lying still

I hoped it untrue, it was my only will

Then I was there, at your side hoping you might wake

“Oh god, wake up, please, for goodness sake”

Suddenly you sat up and you looked to me

“Who are you?” that feeling still sickens me

Then you laid back down, back into a sleep

We were shocked, we started to weep

Time passed by, agonizingly slow

Just waiting, waiting for time to go

I knew, what was coming, to me it was clear

Your heart, your soul, about to disappear

The final moments came, you left us for good

My father, I love you and I always would.


Taken from Rhyming poetry to change your day by Philip Lister

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My hero

You gave me my teddy

To sooth away my fears

You hugged me tight

To calm my tears

You took me to hospital

When I cut my face

You fixed my bike’s tyre

Punctured in a race

You left the light on

When I was scared of the dark

You took me to play football

How I loved the park

You consoled me

When I lost my job

You gave me money for the rent

That helped a lot

You was there for me

When I needed to talk

I remember our Sundays

On the canals, those walks

You had an accident

The first of a few

Several more came

Didn’t know what to do

You repeated yourself

All the same stories

I would listen each time

You would never bore me

You would have a stroke

And never be the same

How you reacted

Hope it would never be again

But behind the stroke

There was something else

A cancerous tumour

Eating at your health

I remember watching you

Hugging you so tight

Not wanting to let go

Seeing how you fight

All the treatments

Eating you alive

Thank god you had

Your caring wife

You had lost your weight

Your strong cuddly frame

Now just a shell of yourself

Not to be the same

Until the day they called

And you was taken in

Hospital again

It would all begin

Holding onto your hand

I would watch you sleep

Quietly beside you

I would weep

Talking to you

Wishing you would wake

Come back to us

I would take your place

As the machine starts to beep

And I watch you go

I will miss you forever

My father, my hero

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This young little girl

In this harsh cruel world

You never asked for this

Something really is a miss

A tumour, this cancer

All you can do is fight

Give all you can lily

Fight for your life

Your family is with you

Every step of the way

And look at all these people

Donating away

If you cannot give a little

Or you cannot give a lot

Pray for this dear girl

Give up, we must not!