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Limbo, ahhhhhh!

I’m in limbo, frustration constantly

Knot in my stomach waiting impatiently

Awaiting the days just to trickle past

Feeling like a novel, feeling, well, alas

Annoyed, biting into my hands

Each meal I eat increasingly bland

Ahhhhhhh I want to scream would it help?

If I punch myself and make myself yelp?

Tell me please I need to know

Why this constant suffering, this woe?

Trying to read, play, sleep even clean

Lol the last time I did, the floor actually gleaned

Motivation zero, what is even the point?

Nothing will make it better, not even a joint

What will I do? What choice do I have?

Just bloody sit here and hope it will not last


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Phil lister 04/01/18

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