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What are you doing today?

What are you thinking about today, what interesting things are you getting upto? Please tell me, any photos? I would love some interaction

I am writing a little story at the moment, a deviously dark tale. I look forward to sharing with you all


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6 thoughts on “What are you doing today?

  1. Hey Phil. I just published my poetry book today. It’s not available for purchase just yet (as I want to look at a proof-copy first and do a little tinkering on my blog) but it’s officially published!! So that’s what I’ve got going on. How are you? How’s your family and your job and ooohhh more story?? Yes!!

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    1. Hello Tara, and fellow author, congrats, welcome to the Plains of hell. Let me know where I can get a copy and if you have any questions please ask. I have made lots of errors so…….. Family good, nice little horror story in my head for a little ebook. Congrats again

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      1. Thanks Phil. When I make it available for sale, I’ll be sharing that both here and over on IG. I’m glad you’re doing well. Looking forward to your next book.



    Not sure if these links will work, but had a lovely sunset walk this evening, made even better by a hello from my local bovine boys! Pretty sure they thought there was food in the offing, & mistook us for the farmer, as they thundered through the field, towards the gate! They always make my day. 😊

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