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The curse of the baby

When you first come into this world

The nurse inspects you and gives you a twirl

You are then taken home and placed to rest

You are left to slumber and of course to rest

And from that moment there is a change

You start to cry and make your parents deranged

Through all the noise and the screaming

I think your parents would rather be dreaming

For this disruption causes stress

And their sweet child is no longer a bless

And for a reason unknown to you

Your parents split and are no longer two

Was it your fault? Is it true?

Was it actually because of you?

Phil Lister 05/03/03


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3 thoughts on “The curse of the baby

  1. It is true
    babies screams could be alarming
    at night
    parents would rather be dreaming
    but instead
    with love take care of the screaming
    seeing that little baby today
    they know
    childbearing will make one day
    assist it
    to becoming a hero in its way.

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