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If we can’t forgive

If we can’t forgive

We can’t carry on

We hold on to hurt

We would like to be gone


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New work

James Lott Jr you have been roasted


I know a guy

Funny as hell

James lott jr

Out of his shell


In the jungle

His garden in LA

He wants a roast

Time to play


It’s hot over there

A lot of sun

He works so much

He’s lost his buns


He’s a leftie

Weird is that

He don’t like scissors

He likes to act


He sings to himself

Too old too fat

What a sick beat

Too loud too black


Masked singer is in town

Where has he gone

They unmask the winner

James has won


He is a taurus

He’s always sipping tea

The cool cuddly hunk

Happy as can be


Now in his garden

Tending his flowers

He’s got green fingers

What super powers


What did I say

About this super man

Look at him jump

He is the man!



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This clouded feeling

I can’t put my finger on it

Why I feel so down

This clouded feeling

That’s hanging around

I feel almost sick

But I don’t know why

I haven’t even got

Any appetite

I can’t control my emotions

So angry in my heart

Can’t pull it from me

I don’t know which path

How can I escape

From this torturous hell?

Is there an escape?

Is it a closed shell?

Its vice like grip

Constantly on me

Oh how I wish

I could be free

To breathe deeply

Clean virgin air

To stop suffocating

To fight the despair

Does happiness exist?

Will I feel it one day?

Or am I in hell hotel

Destined to stay?


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Saving the snake in the flames

A man saw a snake

Surrounded by flames

He tried to help it

Bitten and in pain


The man dropped the snake

Back into the fire

He looked around him

His courage to be admired


He found a metal bar

The snake wrapped around

He placed the bar down

Carefully to the ground


A passer by saw his act

Questioning why he helped

“The snake’s instinct is to bite”

“But I just had to help”


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kids book

Colin the crocodile


Colin the crocodile

Look at that lovely smile

Swimming in your muddy swamp

Looking for something to chomp

With your tough prickly skin

And that little mischievous grin

Ooohhh have you found something

He so likes when he wins

There is one thing this croc would like

Is to leave the swamp and take his bike

For a charming ride watching the trees

Legs in the air shouting WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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A dogs life

Oh I’m dreaming, chasing that ball. Not a care in the world not at all.

Oh there’s a noise, my master’s getting up. Oh I’m so happy just like a pup.

I wanna go out, out out out. Come on master let me out.

Yes the door is open, run run run. Oh I’m so happy, oh what fun.

Now let’s find somewhere, pee pee pee. Oh what a good spot, ohhh what glee.

Where’s my master, he’s there there there. Oh master a cuddle, scratch me there.

A little drink, then my food food food. Mmm yummy I really like my food.

Now back into my basket, sleep sleep sleep. Good night master, not even a peep.

Phil lister 01/08/17

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A prank call

I’m at work and the telephone starts to ring. Number withheld so I answer the thing.

Hello how may I help, I said. A brief pause then the insult he said.

I didn’t hear well so I ask him to repeat. The insult again, my heart increases it’s beat.

I think how should I respond to this little boy. What’s your game you little runt, this is your joy?

The little idiot has wound me up. Goodbye little boy, I hang up!


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