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Show no refrain

I want to pleasure her

She’s waiting for me

Wearing black

Waiting to be freed

She smells so good

Nervously she strips

Lays down on the bed

What is her wish?

Her body so flawless

I caress her neck with a feather

She moans in pleasure

She has not done this, never

I kiss her passionately

Tongues entwined

She’s under me now

We’re starting to unwind

I push her face to one side

I grope her breasts

She is mine now

Pleasure before rest

I go lower now

My mouth salivating

I want to taste her nectar

To make her want to scream

I have one hand on her breast

My tongue on her clit

I’m licking her so good

She’s enjoying every minute

Cum for me baby 

Scream my name

Orgasm for me darling

Show no refrain


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Phil lister 13/10/17

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