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I can’t control myself

Who has the power, me or you?

Who decides what we’re going to do

I want it so badly I’m not going to crack

You get me so aroused when I see you like that

It’s not going to work you giving me a flash

I’m going to be strong I can hold back

A little bit more a full breast now

Oh they’re so soft I lift up a brow

Oh so you take your bra off, just like that

I’m so horny now, that is a fact

No, I’m gonna resist, you will not succeed

Push your breasts together oh how I need

Unbutton your jeans let them fall to the floor

I’m in heaven now I just want more

I see your little thong, holding your arsenal so well

Oh my god, it’s not helping, I’m starting to swell

Then you tell me to come to you, I can’t stop myself

Stop controlling me, I can’t help myself.


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Phil lister 13/10/17


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