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Cry for help

I want to give everything

Take all I have, make it sting

Open me up read me like a book

Analyze me, take a thorough look

Cut me deep to make the crimson flood

Stem the bleeding it’s too much

Dont like what you hear, what you see

I’m just so messed up, sorry I am me!

Smear it all over, smile ear to ear

Chuckle devilishly, taunt and cheer

Having second thoughts, too late now

Such a coward, you don’t know how

Cry like a mess, feel sorry for yourself

What’s the matter, you been left on the shelf?

Take deep breaths can’t be long now

Escape from your hell, take a bow

Sorry call for help cause you call for no one

Of course not, otherwise where would be the fun?

In your twisted little mind fragile as it is

You think about yourself trying to do the biz

Think about the others all around you

What the hell are they going do do?

Do they deserve to lose you, really, no one cares?

Think about it beforehand instead of giving scares

Talk to someone, you must share, don’t be alone

For God sakes pick up the god damn phone!


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Phil lister 02/01/18

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