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We cannot go back


I’m a great believer in karma

As you may already know

I believe what goes around comes around

That’s the way it goes


I’ve had some proper shitty weeks

It’s been all getting so much

Then my car broke down

Turned out to be the clutch


I had had enough

I cried like a child

My dog comforted me

It lasted a while


I been asking myself

Is it cause I don’t believe?

I try to be selfless

And the occasional good deed


First stress this week over now

My dog has gone to a good home

She has companions

And lots of space to roam


I’m still waiting a call for a job

Been a week in all

Every time my phone goes

I think it’s THE call


Still awaiting news for the car

Gonna cost a bomb

So much work to be done

Going on for so long


Tomorrow stressing me now

Judgement day

Will change all our lives

It is the only way


So I try to stay positive

Although lots of negative crap

Think about the future

Because we cannot go back


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Phil lister 17/01/18

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