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You can win!

I feel I need a boost

If I wish to raise the roof

The next step is before me

I hold my own liberty

I am strong, courageous

Life is tough, laborious

I defy, nothing will stand in my way

Different and proud, there is always another way

Have faith, make your own fate

Believe in you, make mistakes

Learn, grow, flourish like a flower

This is for you, it’s your hour

Never has it mattered more to make your decision today

Life is yours to make it, you align the way

Positivity is your tool

Use it, break the walls

Scream, make noise, shout

That’s it, let it all out

Beat that negativity into the ground

Until you can’t hear it make a sound

Breathe that air, take it all in

Go for it, you can win!

My new book “Rhyming poetry to change your day” is now available in paperback and kindle formats.


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Phil lister 27/02/18

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