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It’ll kill you you know

Green, invasive,

Who likes green?

You love them, no?

Give them their space

Space to roam free

To look for better?

To look for someone else?

Oh it’s eating you inside

Eating you alive

More powerful than your anger

Your anger

Your anger

Jealousy can be like a disease

It’s unhealthy to be displeased

To make someone you love

Trapped like a pet dove

They are a human being

It is you that is not seeing

What you are doing

And you’ll only push them away

Your love, remember the first day

The day you two met

Held hands, wept

Cuddled close

And what do you know?

It’s not like it was

Because you do not trust

Your untrust becomes lust

You are a couple, give them space

Just a little bit of grace

To your one and only love

Because you don’t want them to have enough

And flee from you and your jealous ways

You might just find yourself amazed


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Phil lister 24/05/18

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