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My cheat


You don’t mean it, to hurt me

But you do it so well

I know you’ve been with her

You have her smell

Go on, wash off your guilt

And then under the quilt

My dirty prolific liar

You deserve to be on fire

You burn me, deceptive rat

I have to accept and live with that

I’m not sexy enough, we never do it

To make love or even play a bit

You prefer your toy I’m sure she’s young

Beautiful, not like me, we never have fun

What happened to us? Did we just grow old?

When did you decide with your cards to fold?

Maybe I’m to blame? Didn’t do what you liked

Maybe that’s why our sex life stopped it’s spike

But you come back to me every night

You creep around, ever so light

It is just easier to continue, just carry on

Why change what we have? Nothing wrong

I couldn’t be without you, even if you mess around a bit

I know, I’m not stupid, you can be a dick

Sleep my love, snore away next to me

You’re in my bed, my cheat, I agree


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Phil lister 25/05/18

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