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Just because I don’t talk about it

Just because I don’t talk about it

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt

Hidden in the depths of me

Always getting worse

It is I who chooses to fight this way

Against my demons inside

If I choose to lock them away

Then my rules, they will abide

Even though they claw at me

To open to them the door

It is me that will keep them captive

Not them, not anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Just because I don’t talk about it

  1. So poignant and so painful, Phil. I have spent many years doing just this, but now, I’m beginning to speak about my pain. I’m not sure when you wrote this piece as I’m unable to see a date on it. I’ve been reading quite a few of your poems, which are all so easy for me to identify with, so have lost track of the dates that you wrote them. I hope you find your poetry and writing as cathartic as I am finding it. Healing is possible – it just takes time and an awful lot of effort. I’m not there yet, but hope you are finding your way to that more peaceful place. Take care … Ellie 💜

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    1. Hi Ellie, I’m feeling so much better than what I was, I do find sometimes the words just flow and I have to get them out. It’s funny I have more inspiration when I am feeling down. I try to think about situations I have been in or if not positions that people can be in. It’s harder to find something I want to write about that I am passionate about. The dates aren’t important, your interpretation is. I love knowing how it makes people feel and what they think about it. It makes it all the more rewarding. What’s the point of writing if no-one reads it. You’ll get there on your path, dealing with it how you feel fit. Do what makes you happy. Whatever makes your day just that bit better. My life is hard, but my family makes it all worth it.

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      1. Oh, I’m so pleased you’re in a better place now, Phil. That’s so good to know. I know what you mean about writing when you’re sad or low. Somehow the feelings are so deep that the words just seem to flow. When I’m okay (and I have been (in many of my earlier posts of this year) and will be again), it’s more difficult to get my passion across. I, too, feel it’s important to have our work read and to know how it makes others feel. I know I appreciate readers’ input so much. I wish you a beautiful evening, or whatever time of the day it is where you are.

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