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Erica and the boy

An angel was sweet

As sweet as can be

She loved a boy

Who hid in a tree

He would hide each day

That cute little one

Hiding from dad

As there was not mum

He would cry and speak

Aloud to himself

He would arrange his comics

Up high on his shelf

A to z

With so much care

Such precision

He liked to stare

Did this mean he was different

Maybe a bit

Did it matter?

Of course not you twit

He was so special

As the angel would see

She would guide him

Keep him happy

She liked his words

Oh so kind

Reflected thoughts

Taking his time

Touching his thoughts

The angel would sing

Feeding him joy

From deep within

What is your name?

My angel, my love

Erica, I am yours

Never give up

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