Hello from me

Old Phil

Just a little photo

To say hello to you

Getting older now

Balding too

Bones grind

That little bit more

Out of breath

Everything’s a chore

Back to you

How is today

Hope you smiled once

And I brightened your day

6 thoughts on “Hello from me

  1. Of course I smiled
    I always do
    Especially when
    The rhyme’s from you

    It’s always good
    To hear you rhyme
    It helps
    To while away the time

    My day is good
    Hope yours is too ?
    That’s why I sent
    This rhyme to you

    Take care my friend
    Keep rhyming too
    I’ll expect another
    Soon from you

    Smackemback 10/09/22

    Liked by 3 people

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