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How to get out

I need to get away

From this abuse so bad

Taking its toll on me

Feeling so sad


He’s not violent with me

At least not physically

Although it’s still torture

The way he bullies


You just wouldn’t know

He’d never do it to your face

The mental abuse

I feel so disgraced


I wonder why he does it

Why he has to control

He enjoys his puppet

That he can mould


Whatever he wants

His every whim

I have to do it

Or else he is mean


It just never stops

Again and again

I wish it would

I feel such shame


How to get out

How to leave

I’m tired now

I just want peace

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Be strong

Remembering when

We used to be small

When we used to laugh

A joy to be born


When parents could be nice

We weren’t beaten and bruised

Just relying on innocence

Not knowing the word abused


But a few of us unlucky

To be where we were

Silence and quivering

Not daring to stir


Not to get up early

Or to make a noise

Mustn’t disturb them

Cannot have a voice


The beatings taken

Black and blue

Bones cracked

Shattered through


Shy children

Not daring to talk

Too scared at school

It showed in the walk


Where would we go?

If we could ever run

What would happen to us?

If we returned home


We can always talk

Escape can be made

Talk to someone, anyone

You can get away


You can always talk to someone. The scariest part is leaving. There are always people that can help.

Be strong

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Maybe the next time

As I awoke in my pit of despair

Laid out on the floor as a carcas left to rot

The flies were probably seeking their next meal

I was probably an eternity after the expiration date

Clutching my head as if it mattered

The afternoon sun pulsing through the dreary nets

The burning rays on my brow

Self pity was on my lips from the night before

Somewhere between the cheapest vodka and the stains on my shirt

A stream of bottles littered the floor

If only it was a river with a breakneck current

I wish it would suck me in never to return to my hell

Why is there always a next time?

An afternoon awakening sunrise

Maybe the next time I lose myself in the bottle

I can disappear for good

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Abused; am I a fool?


Treat me mean

As you always do

It’s all I deserve

My life is through


I’m here to serve

Your every wish

Cut me deep

The pain is bliss


Your abuse often

It affects my mind

It turns my head

Just like wine


At least if drunk

I can forget

The marks you tread

Footprints left


I have no choice

To stay by your side

I am yours

I must abide


My heart broken

Just like my bones

Is this normal

No place like home


You always said

If I ever leave

You would get me

No reprieve


Would it be worse

Then the pain I feel

Forever faithful

This is real


Please, I have to go

Once and for all

Don’t worry about me

Am I a fool


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Current affairs · depression


In a cage all alone

Cannot move or even roam

Like a dog wandering round

Quiet now, not a sound

Beaten blue, bats and fists

No protection, never missed

So hungry, starving here

Darkness frightening, feeding fear

Why this abuse, what have I done

They’re sniggering, having fun

Just want it to end, set me free

End this pain, this misery.


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