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How to get out

I need to get away

From this abuse so bad

Taking its toll on me

Feeling so sad


He’s not violent with me

At least not physically

Although it’s still torture

The way he bullies


You just wouldn’t know

He’d never do it to your face

The mental abuse

I feel so disgraced


I wonder why he does it

Why he has to control

He enjoys his puppet

That he can mould


Whatever he wants

His every whim

I have to do it

Or else he is mean


It just never stops

Again and again

I wish it would

I feel such shame


How to get out

How to leave

I’m tired now

I just want peace

11 thoughts on “How to get out

  1. I’ve totally been there. It’s not easy to leave when it’s not physical. They say sticks and stones… but we all know in reality that isn’t true. Sometimes the emotional control is stronger than the physical.

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  2. I’m so sorry you’ve found yourself in this difficult and painful situation, Phil. If it’s emotional abuse you’re going through, I really do think that can often be worse than physical abuse. Emotional abuse plays mind games with your brain and makes decisions even harder to make. I do hope you can get out of this relationship and get some peace in your life. Thinking of you x

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      1. Hi, Phil. Sorry for the misunderstanding. You write so poignantly that it always sounds and reads like it’s coming straight from your heart. I’m glad you’re not in that situation, though, but feel for the person you spoke to about these feelings recently. Take care.

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  3. Thank you. It helped to hear that just because it’s not physical, I’m not a liar. Like everyone is sure to believe about me. I love him and I want this to be beautiful for both of us, so we can grow into our new lives. But, my path to freedom has begun. I’m not going to villainize the man I loved for so long. He’s precious, but he did really hurt me. ❤️🌻

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