fantasy · Life · love

I won’t let go

Proceed with caution

Read the sign

A long way down

A steep decline

Surely if

We were to fall

To our deaths

That wouldn’t be cool

Hold my hand

We will make it there

Stay close to me

Don’t be scared

We start to cross

That rickety bridge

Starting to shake

Over the abyss

Stay with me

Don’t look down

We will make it

We will not drown

Moving faster

To get away

To reach safety

Keep fear at bay

Almost there

At the end

Nearly made it

Energy spent

Then we hear

The horrible sound

The chords break

From their bound

Gravity pulling

As the bridge falls

I hold you tight

Trying to stall

I won’t let go

Never would I dare

I look in your eyes

That fearful stare

I pull you to the top

On to me

We breathe together

And feel the breeze

Safe at last

To continue on

Forever searching

To us we belong

2021 · fantasy

Harry the ghost

There is a ghost next to me

On this park bench

I don’t know what he wants

Or what is that stench

Hello Mr ghost

What is your name?

It is Harry kind sir

Are you a bit insane?

Why do you say that?

Asked puzzled little me

I can see you clear as day

Like the birds and the bees

No one has ever seen me

I have been here for years

I lost my life on this bench

Holding back ghostly tears

Were you homeless Harry?

I asked with concern

He nodded his head

They do never learn

What happened? I asked

Why did you die here?

Did you not have a family?

Nobody near?

Nobody who cared, he said

Not ever enough

It was the cold that killed me

My body had enough

But Harry, I said

Why can you not pass?

What’s stopping you?

Blocking your path?

I guess I needed to tell my story

Maybe it may change something

If it does not

Can we talk again?

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fantasy · funny · New work


I have a fidoodle

Whatever that is

Is it a poodle

Or is it a fish

Midnight laughed so

From this doodle bug

Can’t stop herself

Can’t get enough

What do you say

To the god of fidoodle

Do you wanna fight

Or a spicy pot noodle

Can you pick it

Like you pick your nose

It’s a fidoodle

No one knows

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depression · family · fantasy · happy · Life · Love 2020 · New work

Erica and the boy

An angel was sweet

As sweet as can be

She loved a boy

Who hid in a tree

He would hide each day

That cute little one

Hiding from dad

As there was not mum

He would cry and speak

Aloud to himself

He would arrange his comics

Up high on his shelf

A to z

With so much care

Such precision

He liked to stare

Did this mean he was different

Maybe a bit

Did it matter?

Of course not you twit

He was so special

As the angel would see

She would guide him

Keep him happy

She liked his words

Oh so kind

Reflected thoughts

Taking his time

Touching his thoughts

The angel would sing

Feeding him joy

From deep within

What is your name?

My angel, my love

Erica, I am yours

Never give up

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fantasy · Flowers · New work

The secret garden under my bed

I never knew they could grow there

Such beautiful colours

A garden of flowers

Growing underneath my bed

Red roses with such fragrance

Mesmerising me with its blood red

As I breathe in all its odour

Such a powerful drug

Sending me to euphoria

Its softness cushioning my nose

And I am lost inside

The petals engulf me

Surrounding my body

I give myself

To the garden


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fantasy · Life · New work

Embrace the fall


Pitter patter raindrops beating against the wall

Breeding your might, oh how you fall

Watching your trickling, enveloping in mass

Tearing away, eating up the crass

Darkness surrounding, impossible to see

Doom impending, futile to flee

Why would you run? try to get away

Pointless to hide, you may as well stay

Embrace the storm, head on, you must

Have faith in you, place your trust

Refuse, scream, with all your might!

You are the last, the dying light!

Lightning crashing, alluming the sky

Clouds turning, storming wild

Chasms opening, raging hole

Embrace the fall, the end, behold


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Devishly delirious


I can’t stop looking

Checking every moment

Obsessive compulsions

I need to know

Of any change

It matters not

But it sends me deranged

Eating at my desire

Driving me

Making me wild

To only want one thing

I would kill

Spill blood

Ooohhh yes

Make that crimson flood

Demons filling my will

Lust, passion, greed

My selfishness

As a jackal I laugh

To get the one thing I want

Let me feed

Sink my teeth

Fill my hunger

And quench my thirst

What I want now

Is the same from since birth

I was defenseless once

Never again

I am powerful now

But maybe a little



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I’m freaking out

Why’s it like that

This purple haze

Keeps coming back

Madness unfurled

I laugh I cry

Grating my eyes

Cannot think why

Open my chest

Play with my heart

Stretch like putty

Folie of art

Rip my legs off

Put round my neck

Twist it around

My head falls off

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I’m chilling here

Please don’t come near

Don’t bother me

I am happy

Hours go by

I close my eyes

I do not care

No threat to bare

Do not disturb

Even a bird

My chilling time

For it is mine

Take me away

Float through the day

To melt away

Don’t want to stay


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